International Symposium on Robustness of Complex Networks
11 October 2011, Hotel Houten, Houten, The Netherlands

Due to circumstances RCN2011 is postponed to 2012


Society is increasingly dependent on the proper functioning of complex networks, for almost every aspect of people’s daily lives, such as the power grid, the Internet and traffic networks. With this increased dependence comes ever greater impact from disruptions in these complex networks and networked services. Hence, life of individuals and the quality of life, the economic viability of businesses and organizations, and the security of nations, are directly linked to the reliability and robustness of complex networks.

These complex networks are generally very large, often interconnected and controlled in a decentralized and self-organized way.  These complex networks show emergent behaviour caused by the unpredictable yet rare non-linear interactions of their numerous social, physical and cyber components, and can experience disruptive and massive failures. Besides "man-made" complex networks, nature abounds with complex networks, ranging from macro-molecules to the human brain. Natural evolution can be regarded as an optimization process that has resulted in efficient, adaptive, resilient structures from which we can learn to improve man-made networks.


This conference will bring together scientists and engineers working on theories and applications of robust man-made networks and their counterparts working in biology. Our aim is for both “worlds” to learn from each other and explore where synergy can be achieved,  by exchanging definitions, analysis methods and best practices.

The conference is organised by prof. Robert Kooij (TNO and TU Delft) and prof. Ben Immers (TRAIL and KU Leuven) 


and sponsored by DIMI: Delft Infrastructures & Mobility Initiative.